A Different Approach to Group Therapy

No Relapse Prevention Groups
No General Processing Groups
No Worksheet Based Groups

Engaging Topics

We've taken out the boring group topics you've been through a thousand times. Our groups are designed to add immediate value and help you work tangibly towards your goals with every meeting.

Local Groups

Depending on your area, we have local groups that are designed to help you build a community and support system in your area. Support is critical and having friends nearby who know what you're going through is critical to success.

Closed Groups

We don't believe revolving door groups are conducive to growth. To the extent possible, all of our groups are closed allowing for deeper connection and processing.

Build Connections. Find Community. Therapy Reimagined.

Dynamic Topics

Experience diverse clinical approaches through group therapy

A Few Of Our Groups:

Discovering The Inner Child

Work with your group and therapists to discover what drives you today and learn how to live with our own narratives and live joyfully.

Controlling How We Communicate

The language we use and the methods we use to communicate help to define how others see us. Working together, we can change how we interact with others to improve our own lives.

Conflict In The Workplace

Work means conflict and navigating this conflict successfully and with professionalism is a challenge for everyone. With your group, explore common ways to work through conflict productively.

And More...

Benefits of Group Therapy

Processing with a group can allow you to find new and interesting perspectives that are unavailable in one on one therapy. Here at Avocy, we believe perspective is everything and that true growth really only comes from other people.

Is Group Attendance Mandatory?

While we think groups are a crtical part of growth and long term success, we don't require groups so long as monthly minimum hours are met. We never want any part of your treatment to seem like a burden. Our goal is growth and finding a path to long term recovery success.

Build community

Geo-targeted groups to help you connect with peers

It is no secret that community is critical to recovery success. We here at Avocy believe that it is our duty to foster as much community growth and connection as possible for our patients. We want you to not only have your therapist and groups to rely on, but also each other.

As a result, to the extent possible, all of our groups are geo-located to help you develop a local recovery community of like-minded patients. This includes local support groups as well as various clinically focused groups that will be held exclusively in your local community. We also anticipate being able to hold local in person events soon so keep your eyes peeled!

The Power of Community

Avocy is built around support networks. One of the most effective way to build support networks is through face to face interaction. We've always wanted to find a way to encourage patients to build connections beyond those they have with their therapists. Groups are how we build that support network for patients and ensure that when something does go wrong, you ahve as many people and friends to rely on as possible. We encourage all patients to not only take advantage of what Avocy offers, but to remain active in their local non-Avocy recovery communities as well.

Closed Groups

Building Connection and Community

Building connection is challenging. We've all experienced this day to day as we wonder why we can't seem to make friends and connections as easily as we once did. One of the keys to building this connection is a sense of safety and security. Avocy's group policy is to reduce the introduction of new members to groups to the absolute minimum. We want patients to feel comfortable and secure as they share about themselves and continue to find avenues for growth on their recovery journey.

Evidence-Based Approach to Treatment

The Science

"There is consistent evidence that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is linked to the success of psychotherapeutic treatment across a broad spectrum of types of patients, treatment modalities used, presenting problems, contexts, and measurements"

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