How Avocy Works

A recovery focused therapist here for you, today. Join the groups you want and get the support you need all in one convienent place.

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A Few Questions

Complete a few short questions about who you are and upload your insurance information. Once you've submitted this information we'll process and set up your profile automatically. No stress, no hastle no wait.

Your First Session

Your first session will be with our clinical coordinator who will talk through your goals, things you want to work on, what sort of groups your interested and what you want in a therapist. They'll work with you to pick a therapist you'll love!

Grow and Succeed

Your therapist will meet with you one-on-one at least once a week to work on your goals, help you find groups that you want to participate in and work with you to achieve your goals and dreams. We're here for you to make your recovery journey a victory lap.

Picking A Therapist

In your initial session you'll pick one of our expert therapists to work with on your mental health and recovery goals
How We Select Our Therapists

All of our therapists are committed full time to helping Avocy patients with their recovery goals. When we hire our full time therapists, we ensure that they are not only experts in mental health and recovery, but that they are also committed to meeting patients where they are and providing the support necessary for them to grow.

Each and every one of our therapists are excellent providers. However, our care coordinators will work with you to identify your perfect match. Whether that's someone who specializes in your background or fits your clinical needs, we have a therapist for everyone and they can't wait to meet you!

Groovy Groups

You'll have the opportunity to not only work with your hand selected therapist, but also our wide array of therapists and facilitators for all kinds of exciting groups including art therapy, work focused groups, processing and more.

Now that you've graduated, you'll be picking your own groups so say goodbye to length diatribes you don't feel matter to you. Your therapist will work with you to find only interesting and relevant groups to help you with your recovery journey. All groups are location specific as much as possible as well, meaning you'll be building a local recovery community along the way.

Our Program

We utilize a combination of individual and group therapy to help address the underlying causes of addiction as well as to build a community and support network for patients.
Individual Therapy

Patients can expect at least one individual sessions with their dedicated therapist as they explore the underlying causes of addiction and work to build up a patient's ability to self regulate and deal with underlying mental health issues. Our expert therapists know recovery and are here for you every step of the way.

We know that sometimes you might want some extra help. Avocy is built with this in mind, allowing up to three sessions weekly when in crisis to help get you the support when and where you need it. Each session will be with your hand selected therapist to work on the issues that are most pressing to you in the moment.

Group Therapy

Recovery is about community. Here at Avocy we are focused on helping to build a recovery network for our patients so that they can set the foundation for lifelong success. Patients can expect up to two group sessions per week focused in their location to help build up their recovery community.

You'll be able to choose the groups that mean the most to you. There is no set cirriculim that applies to everyone. You and your therapist will work hand in hand to figure out what groups are going to be the most useful and interesting to you and will build your schedule from there.

The Avocy Advantage

Recovery & Community Focused

Built for patients in recovery like you, we work to help you build a local community of other patients recovery to give you the foundation you deserve.

A Customized Clinical Program

Our clinical team will work with you during onboarding to help you build a treatment plan built for your needs and interests.

More Therapy, When You Need It

We offer up to twice weekly individual sessions so that you can get extra support when you want it. Our entire program is built with your needs first.

Affordable, Insurance-Based Billing

We accept all major insurances to help keep treatment affordable and available. Some patients may have copay's as low as $0 if they've left a 90 day program recently.

"Helping People Find Long Term Recovery, Together"

Tailored Program

Our team will work with you during onboarding to build a schedule of individual and group therapy that matches your needs and interests.

Why Avocy

Avocy is built for patients in recovery like you. We're here to help you navigate the unique struggles and pitfalls of receovery.

Interested In Learning More?

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